What +++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++ songs are you listening to in your ipod?

+++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++ wants to know which songs are you listening to in your ipod?


samantha said...

Hi! +++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++ I love your music and the songs I have on rotation in my ipod are:

Candle, Would you love me anyway?, The Fountain of Youth and A Million Signs For Today

I downloaded Everything Electric from and it's really, really good.

tuesday said...

Happy Holidays "GRAND"! I have both albums and I listen to all the songs in my ipod, because the songs give me a good feeling each time I hear them.

Thank you! My days are brighter.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to BOOM BOOM BOOM and Candle in my ipod! I feel those songs.

diana said...

Candle, As long as you're offering and Would you love me anyway? are the songs that are on repeat in my ipod. Keep making beautiful music.

Anonymous said...

I really like listening to these songs in my ipod:


Would You Love Me Anyway?


All That you Are

Don't Let Them Take You From Yourself

All well written, performed and produced! Great!
Happy Holidays to +++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++

Anonymous said...

All that you are


Nervous Wrecking Ball

Don't Let Them Take You From Yourself

These songs are playing in my ipod and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more from +++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++. Have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

I always listen to Candle and BOOM BOOM BOOM on my ipod!