"Assorted Years Assembled" Best Of, (Vol. 1 & Vol.2) 1998-2008

What can we say? When we compiled two twelve song compilations to mark our ten year anniversary; we couldn’t help but notice that the music spoke for itself. So we are truly very proud to invite one and all into “Assorted Years Assembled [Best of 1998 – 2008] Volume 1 & Volume 2”. Enjoy an indescribable journey through the human experience in all its “GRAND” glory. Please feel free to ignite your future with our past.


"Invisible Tour" 2009

+++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++ is currently on the “Invisible Tour”. Please send all requests to contact@grandgrandgrand.com. All members should be receiving their special edition live cds at the end of the month.


+++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++'s "Invisible Tour"

It has come to our attention lately through a flood of emails that, there is a large interest in our "Invisible Tour". At this time tickets can be purchased through the members area.


"Name Your Top Five Music Magazines"

+++GRAND GRAND GRAND+++ wants to know what are your "Top Five" music magazines?